5 Best 4k TV For Gamers


When it comes to gaming, nothing but serious s business and in this case only the best 4K TV has to be brought to the table when it comes to getting the experience sort for. With so many screens being manufactures for movies and for other TV experiences not all can be taken in as the best for gamers. Since there are other factors to consider when choosing a TV for gaming, below are some of the best 4K TV for gamers:

1. Samsung UN65HU7250 Curved 65-inch 4k Ultra HD TV

If one is planning on playing games in every position, then this is the ultimate TV to buy. With sharp images being delivered to the screen from all angles, one is sure to get them no matter the distance from the screen. With its size playing a major factor in the life of a gamer and the HDMI ports available, all one needs to do is plug and play making it the very best 4K TV for gamers in the market.


2. LG 55UB8500 LED

Although significantly smaller than the Samsung UN105S9 curved TV, it brings on every unimaginable experience that every gamer dreams about. The LG 55UB8500 LED is not only beautiful, but is also super slim and almost invisible bezels, making gaming more fun. With a1320 clarity, the smart TV is sure of clarity from frame to frame. On the other hand it comes with two pairs of passive functionality glasses and a magic remote just for gamers.

3. LG 55UB950V

The LG 55UB950V is user friendly as the webOS used to power it is made with every user in mind. In this way new gamers are the ones who will benefit mostly from this TV. However pro gamers will be happy to know that the UHD images brought to the screen with this 2180p resolution screen makes the games be more real to them, thus falling under the category of the best 4k TV for gamers.

4. Sony KD-65X9005B

Sony KD-65X9005B is one of the best 4K TV in the market for gamers. With its compatibility with HDMI images and HEVC decoding, one is sure of getting the best in quality, color and fun with this machine. When it comes to beauty, it’s unmatched due to its wedge formation and will last a gamer for more than just a few years.

5. Sony XBR49X850B Smart LED TV

This is definitely another master piece and one of the best 4K TV for gamers in the market manufactured by Sony. With its capability to support play station 3 games and connects with a dualshock 3 well, one is able to have the control needed in their hands. With the colors streaming in as expected, the picture quality of this 49 inch 4K TV is unsurpassed.

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